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National Freeway:

1. National Freeway No.3 (Nanchou IC.- 424.4k)
2. Left Turn to Province Road. No.1 to FongGuang
3. Trans to Province Road. No.26 to Chihpen
4. Trans to Province Road. No.11
5. Cross the Bridge Fongyuan, Then Turn to Zhonghua Rd.

Public Transportation System:

1. Rail:Taitung Station. Take the Dingdong Bus to the Tourist Center(the intersection of the TiehuaRd. and Zhongshan Rd.) ,than take a walk(about 5min) to the office.
2. Bus:Take KingBus( to Taitung, the terminal station is on Tiehua rd.), and than take a walk(about 3min) to the office.